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The city of Hialeah will host a street festival to open its first art district, which will one day attract thousands of people from all over the city and visitors from all over the world. The Miami Children's Initiative will launch a cultural movement to share local history through the arts. It will showcase local African-American artists, encourage artists to perform, and offer programs that focus on helping to develop a deeper appreciation for art.

Three South Florida-based choreographers are selected to create original works with dance artists hired from across the city of Florida. Professional artists will join forces with students to focus on a variety of topics including music, dance, theater and performing arts. Thought Loom positions South Fla. as a hub for dancing and will connect South Miami-Dade County's top dance schools with national and international dance artists for seasonal performances, as well as pair them with local and regional artists.

The Arts Garage will also work with regional cultural organisations to produce new pieces and expand its educational programmes. Other exhibits offer a variety of visual experiences, including performances by local and regional artists, as well as performances and workshops by artists from across South Florida and beyond. The first Dade County Music Festival in Miami celebrates the art of combining different forms of music with visual, dramatic and performing arts.

At this event, programmers and designers will develop an app and website that will answer questions about how to improve the delivery of local art to users. To promote conversations about the visual arts, the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood will host an ongoing series of talks with nationally and internationally recognized artists. The audience will hear the stories of the artists and learn about trends that have influenced the direction of contemporary visual art.

Every year since 2008, this challenge has asked all South Florida residents for their ideas for improving our arts. The competition has two requirements: the project must be art, take place in South Miami and benefit from it - Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Miami or Miami Beach - and must be in line with Knight funding. This is a project to bring South Florida, along with the arts, into the arts.

Fairchild is committed to saving tropical plant diversity by exploring, explaining and preserving the world's tropical plants. Raising a greater understanding and love for plants and gardens so that we can enjoy the beauty and abundance of the tropical world is a fundamental task. Arts Garage is committed to building and promoting a cultural community that celebrates Delray Beach, whether it be art, music, film, dance, theater or any other form of artistic expression.

This year ACCH presents the Knight Arts Challenge for the Arts Garage for the second time. Business for Arts Broward will bring Power2Give.org into its community in an effort to connect local cultural projects and more donors. As with previous Knight arts Challenge winners, this project is offered as a one-time grant of $1,000 to a local arts organization.

The district will host arts and cultural events to promote the work of Hialeah artists in the wider region. The Betsy Hotel will expand the Muse of South Florida brand for authors, and a newly formed art book publisher, Book House Books, will sell books by Miami artists nationally, with an emphasis on local and regional artists, as well as local writers and writers of color. As an internationally recognized visual artist and art curator in Miami-Dade County, Weird Miami organizes bus tours that take visitors to little-known local locations.

Miami - The Hialeah Campus at Dade College, which serves as a hub for artistic and cultural education for students, faculty, staff and students of all ages, will conduct all activities that begin at the new center, including planning, program development and promotion. Day and evening courses are offered on campus, with a focus on the needs of students and faculty in the humanities and social sciences and the general public.

If you want to cool off from the Florida heat, there are also hiking trails to take you for a walk or explore the small park. Outdoor areas such as the pool deck also make it easy to bring nature into the screened-off area.

I sat down and asked myself, "Can this woman really create a mural that friends, family and clients can love and cherish for many years? The artwork can even be created on a canvas of any size and then installed directly on the wall.

To honor this homegrown talent, we are launching our "Bring Home Miami" series. With South Florida artists who have built a national and international reputation, these talented graduates will welcome you to their home towns and honor and welcome you.

Art Learning Miami offers high school students the opportunity to pursue their interest in art while learning basic work skills by offering six weeks of paid summer internships in the arts. To support young artists, the Miami Light Project has launched an artist-in-residence program to showcase local works. Knight New Works has selected three projects to be fully produced, each presented as a completed work in full length.

More About Hialeah Gardens

More About Hialeah Gardens